Rehab for Partial or Total Joint Replacements

No matter what type of partial or total joint replacement you have had, at HealthPlex Fitness, we will start you on a rehabilitation plan that is designed specifically for your needs and your body’s functionality. Our main goal is to make your recovery from your partial or total joint replacement as comfortable and easy as possible to improve your quality of life and your future mobility in that area.

woman holding hip after hip replacement thinking about rehab for partial or total joint replacement


  • Partial Shoulder Replacement

  • Partial Hip Replacement

  • Partial Knee Replacement

  • Full Shoulder Replacement

  • Full Hip Replacement

  • Full Knee Replacement


HealthPlex Fitness Movement screening and analysis is designed to help individuals going in for a partial or total joint replacement surgery, a safe and effective training plan to build strength, increase endurance, and be prepared for their procedure. Getting on an effective training program prior to surgery decreases your recovery time immensely, getting you back to full function faster and stronger than before.


HealthPlex Fitness Functional Movement AfterCare is designed to transition from Orthopedic and Physical Therapy treatment to a strength, conditioning, and wellness program. When a person experiences a partial or total joint replacement, and after Orthopedic and Physical Therapy is conducted, many still have imbalances or weak links in their movements that can cause re-injury or hinder their performance.

Under the supervision of a HealthPlex Fitness certified athletic trainer and functional training coaches, the individuals will learn the fundamentals of movement with emphasis on mobility, stability, and strength. This program restores the individual’s confidence in their body mechanics and allows them to work up to 100% capacity without fear of re-injury.

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